Updated App Streamlines Field-to-Office Communication

Updated App Streamlines Field-to-Office Communication

Written by: GreenIndustryPros.com

Antiquated “paper and pencil” reporting methods require forms to prepare and submit. This can be inconvenient and bothersome during a busy workday, resulting in various items often going unreported by your crews in the field. Additionally, impromptu requests for information submitted via one-off emails, voicemails or text messages could easily be overlooked, forgotten or lost. To further complicate matters, compiling safety and operational reports takes a lot of effort for decision makers to collate and organize.

There’s a new tool that can assist with all of this. Using the proficiency of a mobile app and web-based dashboard, The WorkplaceAware Report Management System simply and powerfully generates reports on anything relevant to safety and operational stability in the workplace.

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