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Thousands of employees use WorkplaceAware to help keep their companies safe!

WorkplaceAware is a great tool for eliminating hazards in the workplace. Our employees use it 24/7 and it’s helped us avoid situations in which someone could’ve been hurt. Since July 2015, we’ve resolved 1,400 safety concerns, most of them submitted by our employees through WorkplaceAware. We’ve never seen anything like the app. It’s one of the best things to happen in manufacturing safety in 15 years.

Jon Harley | Rehrig Pacific

Jon Harley | Rehrig Pacific

CI & Safety Manager

WorkplaceAware has created an avenue to quickly report identified safety issues while tracking and creating accountability to resolve them. WorkplaceAware has allowed the leaders at General Cable to really drill down and identify what the top issues are thanks to our ability to customize the app with questions/checklists that the user must follow to ensure all appropriate information is relayed correctly the first time! WorkplaceAware has allowed General Cable to see at an instant where the highest potential is for a workplace injury and fix it before it causes harm.

Matt Crouch | General Cable

Matt Crouch | General Cable

EHS Coordinator, General Cable, Sedalia, MO

As an auditing tool, WorkplaceAware satisfies some regulatory mandates we have. The app documents the time and date an issue was reported and handled, which serves as proof of third-party audits. We’re training our supervisors to use it to take pictures of what OSHA inspectors take pictures of and take another when an action item is complete. We established 30 to 40 categories in our WorkplaceAware system, and OSHA is one of them.

Bryan Webb | PaperWorks Industries

Bryan Webb | PaperWorks Industries

Associate Director, Environmental Health and Safety.

Effective And User-Friendly Workplace Aware Solutions

Dashboard Features

  • Accessed by Master & Report Admins Only
  • Create Custom Questions & Answers
  • New Report Notifications via Email & Push Notification
  • Forward or Share Reports With Employees
  • View Report Details & Custom Questions
  • Assign Tasks with a Due Date to Individuals
  • Escalate Reports to Company Leadership
  • Manage Mobile App Users & Administrators
  • Captures Location, Date & Time Automatically
  • Submit Reports Using Web-reporting Form
  • Suspend & Block Mobile App Users When Necessary
  • Collect Mobile App User Health Conditions (optional)
  • Set Custom Report Categories & Departments
  • Send Alerts to All Employees or Specific Individuals
  • Initiate Interactive Chat from the Dashboard
  • Filter Report History by using up to 10 Criteria
  • Export Reports in PDF or CSV
  • Enter Report Comments & Attach Documents

Mobile App Features

  • Branded for each company
  • Customize Reporting Bar Color & Wording
  • Invite Users with a 4-digit Mobile App Sign Up Code
  • Attach up to 3 Pictures on each Report
  • Upload a 10-second Video on each Report
  • Enter Report Description & Answer Custom Questions
  • Send Reports Anonymously
  • View Reports, Report Status, Notifications & Alerts
  • Call 911 or Custom Emergency Phone Number
  • Respond to Administrators through Interactive Chat

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