Hundreds Of Employees. One Tool Gets It Done.

Under pressure to streamline processes, improve efficiency and maintain the safest work environment all the while, organizations in every industry and field are trying to move toward better communication tools that channel information about safety, facilities and operational issues. Look no further than WorkplaceAware. Plain and simple, WorkplaceAware shares information one to one and one to many – internally or externally. It’s trackable and can be pulled into reports for follow ups and analyzing trends.

As an auditing tool, WorkplaceAware satisfies some regulatory mandates we have. The app documents the time and date an issue was reported and handled, which serves as proof of third-party audits. We’re training our supervisors to use it to take pictures of what OSHA inspectors take pictures of and take another when an action item is complete. We established 30 to 40 categories in our WorkplaceAware system, and OSHA is one of them.

Bryan Webb

Regional HS&E Leader Americas – Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina Area


WorkplaceAware addresses a need to put a simple communication tool in the workforce’s hands that allows them to share information with the people who need to know it, track what needs to happen next and follow up as necessary. It is tailored to your organization, with a communication tree agreed upon by the organization’s decision makers. Everything happens in one place so there’s no need to download multiple apps or programs. Plus, whether you have 20 employees or 20,000, this is a solution that can grow with you.

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