Without WorkplaceAware, communication is too much like the telephone game you played in elementary school. What starts out as fact at the beginning quickly changes and gets lost in translation or goes to the wrong people. Employees get frustrated and it’s easier to say nothing than fill out multiple reports, distribute them and follow up. Hours are wasted by the time the details are documented, especially when your workforce is out in the field. With WorkplaceAware communication is simple. See it, report it, fix it. It’s all handled automatically by tapping on the submit button on a smartphone or tablet.

We use WorkplaceAware to report issues that our crew finds while they are maintaining our road system. The report generated through your app is attached to a Public Works service ticket – a crew is then assigned to make the repair. The “pin drop” on the map of the app is very helpful to give the responding crew member an approximate location where service is required – especially if there is not a nearby residential address to reference. The photos and video that can be attached give us an idea of what equipment and materials to send along to make the repairs which cuts down on back and forth time.

BobHeimHeadshot_PlatteCountyPublic Works

 Bob Heim

Public Works Director, Platte County, MO


WorkplaceAware addresses a need to put a simple communication tool in the workforce’s hands that allows them to share information with the people who need to know it, track what needs to happen next and follow up as necessary. It is tailored to your organization, with a communication tree agreed upon by the organization’s decision makers. Everything happens in one place so there’s no need to download multiple apps or programs. Plus, whether you have 20 employees or 20,000, this is a solution that can grow with you.

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