Your SAFETY OFFICER Can Crowd-Source Important Information From The Entire Workforce.

One or a couple sets of eyes cannot see everything that puts your workforce at risk. From the field to high-level executives, WorkplaceAware turns everyone into a safety officer. With the option to be named or anonymous, anyone can report, attach a photo and send it directly up the chain of communication in seconds. Employees can see when action has been taken, which cultivates a culture of acting responsibly instead of turning a blind eye. Put a communication tool in the palm of their hands and your workforce becomes safety officers watching out for one another so everyone gets home safely.


WorkplaceAware addresses a need to put a simple communication tool in the workforce’s hands that allows them to share information with the people who need to know it, track what needs to happen next and follow up as necessary. It is tailored to your organization, with a communication tree agreed upon by the organization’s decision makers. Everything happens in one place so there’s no need to download multiple apps or programs. Plus, whether you have 20 employees or 20,000, this is a solution that can grow with you.

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