WorkplaceAware Costs Less Than One Workers’ Compensation Claim.

Injuries cost time, money, and your reputation. OSHA fines can climb into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most average around $10,000 and they are quickly rising. One average workers’ compensation claim alone can cost $5,000. Add in the savings from fewer medical bills, workers’ compensation costs, overtime pay, litigation, employee pain and suffering, and increased repair costs. Reducing one accident can pay for the annual cost of WorkplaceAware!  How’s that for a return on your communication technology investment!

We view near miss and risk situations as leading indicators of where the gaps are within our safety processes. WorkplaceAware helps us identify those gaps, take corrective action, and make our company a safer workplace for everyone.”


Chris Gab

Engineering Manager, Rehrig Pacific Company, De Soto, KS


WorkplaceAware addresses a need to put a simple communication tool in the workforce’s hands that allows them to share information with the people who need to know it, track what needs to happen next and follow up as necessary. It is tailored to your organization, with a communication tree agreed upon by the organization’s decision makers. Everything happens in one place so there’s no need to download multiple apps or programs. Plus, whether you have 20 employees or 20,000, this is a solution that can grow with you.

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