Identifying safety issues by an engaged workforce gives EHS managers vital information to take immediate action that helps reduce accidents and drive down costs.

WorkplaceAware started in the field with a safety manager who needed a simple solution for reporting near-miss safety issues.


“We have a customer – a food manufacturing plant – that needed to find a way for employees to communicate problems to upper management quickly and efficiently; and filling out forms using paper and pencil was not working,” explained Rob Sweeney, creator of WorkplaceAware.  “We had invented this cellular printer, and she wanted employees to be able to text in near-miss reports which would then print in the company’s safety office.”  Using text messaging and this simple tool, the company went from having nine total near misses reported over an entire year to 35 near-miss reports submitted in the first quarter of the next year alone. This activity satisfied OSHA inspectors after seeing the steps taken to enhance near miss reporting.


After seeing these results, Sweeney wanted to improve on that idea by creating a mobile app so employees could document the incident onsite by sending a description, a picture and a map location with the report.  From there, a more robust app and a dashboard full of great reporting features and interactive communication tools were developed. To meet the needs of safety and facilities managers, the team worked with construction companies, utility companies, public works departments and manufacturers from around the country to create the new and improved WorkplaceAware.


We believe in listening to clients’ needs and developing innovative new features that companies want. As the WorkplaceAware solution grows in features and functionality, it gives employers the tools they need to help make workplaces safer and more efficient, so employees can go home safely to their families every night.

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