Tech Tool Invites Texts of Job Hazards

Tech Tool Invites Texts of Job Hazards

Written by: Durability + Design

A new system is designed to ease, and offer anonymity for, employee reporting of workplace hazards and near-miss incidents. WorkplaceAware consists of a free mobile app and a mini cellular desktop printer, called a MessageQube, that can receive text and photo messages from any cell phone.

Using the app, employees can photograph near-misses and safety hazards, type a description of the incident, and quickly send it to their company or supervisor’s printer. Once printed, the report is posted on the employer’s online Enterprise Dashboard, where management can view and manage reports and document corrective actions. For every major injury, there are 29 minor injuries and 300 near misses, according to WorkplaceAware, citing a theory explained in the 1931 book Industrial Accident Prevention by H.W. Heinrich.

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