Safety, Compliance Reporting App Now Available For Smartphones

Safety, Compliance Reporting App Now Available For Smartphones

Written by: Heather Ervin, The Waterways Journal

WorkplaceAware has launched a workplace reporting solution in the form of a mobile app for iPhones and Android devices for use by the maritime industry. The app provides clients with a single, secure online location to capture report information in order to track, manage and resolve incidents as they are reported in real time. The app includes a location map, a description of the report, and a picture of the issue along with the time and date of the report. It is supplemented by an online dashboard that captures reports submitted by the mobile app.

According to Rob Sweeney, founder and chief executive officer of WorkplaceAware, authorized administrators are able to view the report online, assign each report to a category, and set a status of each report. “Administrators may also enter comments regarding actions taken for each report, and all such comments are captured and viewable through the dashboard by authorized users,” said Sweeney. “Reports can be forwarded to others in the organization for viewing on their mobile devices and computers, too.”

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