Use Case: Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies use the WorkplaceAware Report Management System to identify a range
of potential problems in their plants. Once identified, workers may communicate the problems to the
appropriate supervisors that need the information so they can address and correct the issues before
they become larger problems.
WorkplaceAware streamlines reporting of issues saving valuable time in correcting problems.

Use Case Example: Manufacturing
A Manufacturing workforce, in a plant environment, observes a variety of infrastructure and safety
issues that occur in their job setting every day. Manufacturing companies use WorkplaceAware to
quickly identify and share information that helps make the work environment safer and wellmaintained.

Potential Issues
– Spills
– Fires
– Malfunctioning Machinery
– Other Manufacturing Problems

Example: Spills
Following a manufacturing process, a plant employee identifies a significant lubricant spill that will be
problematic for workers entering and leaving the area.

• Manufacturing personnel inspect and identify the spill problem. Barriers are put in place to keep
employees and equipment from moving through the area.

• The WorkplaceAware mobile app is used to report the issue with a picture, description, map and
date/time stamp. This includes picture documentation of the barriers put in place.

• Manufacturing supervisors immediately receives the report notification in the dashboard and
assesses the issue.

• Measures are taken to clean up the spill.

• Supervisors may share the report information with other appropriate departments. This may
include other plant managers that may be affected by the issue(s) identified.

• As actions are taken, comments are entered to document corrective steps.

• All reports are contained and managed within the WorkplaceAware dashboard making it easy for
approved administrators to access and evaluate reports.

• WorkplaceAware provides supervisors with full reporting capabilities within the dashboard,
including the ability to filter and export information into a PDF or Excel spreadsheet.

• >Additional training and the implementation of spill mitigation measures are instituted to prevent the
re-occurrence of spills.

Similar examples can be made for other types of infrastructure issues that arise, including fires,
malfunctioning machinery and other manufacturing problems that typically are the responsibility of
supervisors to document, identify and correct.