WorkplaceAware Eliminates Barriers For Near Miss Reporting

WorkplaceAware Eliminates Barriers For Near Miss Reporting

Written by: ISHN

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were slightly more than three million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported in 2013. While this number is lower than previous years, the question that remains is how many near misses occurred in the workplace that were not reported and could result in a future injury or fatality. Heinrich’s widely accepted accident triangle theory states that for every major injury, there were 29 minor injuries and 300 near misses. There are many reasons for near misses not to be reported, but a new solution called WorkplaceAware can help companies improve safety by eliminating those barriers to reporting.

In addition to the free WorkplaceAware mobile app, the solution includes the MessageQube, a mini cellular desktop printer that receives text and photo messages from any cellular phone. Using the mobile app, employees can photograph near misses, type a description of the incident and quickly send it to their company or supervisor’s MessageQube. Simple text messages can be sent using the text message feature on any mobile phone. Once a report prints on the MessageQube, it is also posted to the employer’s online Enterprise Dashboard where management can view and manage reports, including documenting corrective action taken and escalating reports to higher authorities. Photographs and more detailed reports up to 600 characters in length are sent using the WorkplaceAware app compatible with Apple and Android operating systems.

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