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how to reduce accidents in the workplace

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Everything we do is designed to help keep your employees safe. We do this by providing EHS managers with the tools needed to identify, track and resolve potential safety issues.  WorkplaceAware is effective and user friendly, so issues get addressed and resolved quickly.

Identifying safety issues by an engaged workforce will help reduce accidents, drive down costs and keep OSHA off your back.



Effective Enterprise Risk management

Risk managers in manufacturing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, government and construction use WorkplaceAware to show insurers, private owners and stockholders a new dimension in effective Enterprise Risk Management. It's information that foreshadows future issues.

Trending & Root Cause Analysis

Sophisticated organizations put a premium on maintaining a culture of safety. Near miss and incident reporting with an emphasis on mid-level accountability brings forth valuable information that can spot trends and identify the root cause of issues. Think of it as the light behind your eyes to see forward.


Simple Communication. Huge Results.

how to reduce accidents in the workplace
WorkplaceAware is a great tool for eliminating hazards in the workplace. Our employees use it 24/7 and it’s helped us avoid situations in which someone could’ve been hurt. Since July 2015, we’ve resolved 1,400 safety concerns, most of them submitted by our employees through WorkplaceAware. We’ve never seen anything like the app. It’s one of the best things to happen in manufacturing safety in 15 years.”
— Jon Harley, C I & Safety Manager, Rehrig Pacific Company, De Soto, KS
ehs incident management software
WorkplaceAware has created an avenue to quickly report identified safety issues while tracking and creating accountability to resolve them. WorkplaceAware has allowed the leaders at General Cable to really drill down and identify what the top issues are thanks to our ability to customize the app with questions/checklists that the user must follow to ensure all appropriate information is relayed correctly the first time! WorkplaceAware has allowed General Cable to see at an instant where the highest potential is for a workplace injury and fix it before it causes harm.
Thanks WorkplaceAware!!
— Matt Crouch, EHS Coordinator, General Cable, Sedalia, MO