With WorkplaceAware, employees use a mobile app to easily report near misses, safety observations and facilities/operations issues at work. It provides EHS managers with the information they need to recognize issues and take action immediately.

We provide companies with the technology to help keep your employees safe and your operation running smoothly. A safer workplace reduces accidents and keeps OSHA off your bank.



Reduce Risks Across The Board

Reduce accidents and injury-related costs by reporting near misses & safety observations to people who can take action and fix issues quickly before they become serious problems.

No Hassle Tracking & Resolving

A manufacturer sends and receives safety reports 24 hours a day to turn near misses into opportunities to fill safety gaps, reducing injuries and cutting costs.


Simple Communication. Huge Results.

WorkplaceAware is a great tool for eliminating hazards in the workplace. Our employees use it 24/7 and it’s helped us avoid situations in which someone could’ve been hurt. Since July 2015, we’ve resolved 1,400 safety concerns, most of them submitted by our employees through WorkplaceAware. We’ve never seen anything like the app. It’s one of the best things to happen in manufacturing safety in 15 years.”
— Jon Harley, C I & Safety Manager, Rehrig Pacific Company, De Soto, KS
As an auditing tool, WorkplaceAware satisfies some regulatory mandates we have. The app documents the time and date an issue was reported and handled, which serves as proof for third-party audits. We’re training our supervisors to use it to take pictures of what OSHA inspectors take pictures of and take another when an action item is complete. We established 30 to 40 categories in our WorkplaceAware system, and OSHA is one of them.”
— Bryan Webb, EHS Manager, Paperworks Industries, Whitsett, NC