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Companies See Sharp Rise In Safety And Operational Reporting After Arming Employees With WorkplaceAware App

WorkplaceAware, an app and web-based safety and operations reporting solution, has dramatically increased the number of near miss and safety issue reports submitted by employees at workplaces like Rehrig Pacific Company, a large-scale injection molding company and Paperworks Industries, a full-service packing provider.

Companies See Sharp Rise in Safety and Operational Reporting After Arming Employees With WorkplaceAware App

Written by: Ken Mazon

"WorkplaceAware is a great tool for eliminating hazards in the workplace. Our employees use it 24/7 and it's helped us avoid situations in which someone could've been hurt. Since July 2015, we've resolved 1,400 safety concerns, most of them submitted by our employees through WorkplaceAware. We've never seen anything like the app. It's one of the best things to happen in manufacturing safety in 15 years," said Jon Harley, C I & Safety Manager at Rehrig Pacific Company, De Soto, KS.

Hundreds of Employees, One Tool, Zero Accidents With WorkplaceAware

Written by: Ken Mazon

Smartphones and tablets with apps like a third appendage in today's world. "Paper and pencil" reporting methods use forms to prepare and submit reports. For that reason, often times, issues go unreported. Requests for information via email, voicemail or text messages don't get submitted with regularity. Reports that get submitted take a lot of time and effort to organize into a useful format. The WorkplaceAware Report Management System replaces paper and pencil and then produces complete reports you can use.

Safety Reporting App Mitigates Risk & Encourages Secure Jobsites

Written by: Elizabeth Manning, Construction Business Owner

WorkplaceAware started in the field with an employee who needed a simple, organized solution for reporting near-miss safety issues. “We have a customer—a food manufacturing plant—that needed to find a way for employees to communicate problems to upper management quickly and efficiently,” Rob Sweeney, creator of the app. “We had invented this cellular printer—and she wanted employees to be able to text in near-miss incidents which would then print in the company’s safety office.”

App Helps Companies Comply With OSHA Reporting Rules

Written by: Chemical Processing

A new app from WorkplaceAware may make it easier for companies to comply with OSHA's Severe Injury Reporting Program, which requires employers to report any work-related amputations, inpatient hospitalizations or loss of an eye within 24 hours. The WorkplaceAware Report Management System allows companies to move safety and operational reports away from more time-consuming, paper-based document systems to a mobile app and web-based 

WorkplaceAware Report Management System

Written by: Lawn & Landscape Market Leadership

The WorkplaceAware Report Management System generates reports on anything relevant to safety and operational stability in the workplace. With the WorkplaceAware mobile app, employees can instantly submit photos and report details to management saving valuable time between reporting and response. Employees can report near misses, safety and security observations, accidents, faculty or missing equipment, plant needs, and even supply requests. The WorkplaceAware Report Management System provides employers the opportunity to evaluate safety and operational reports with a level of detail and coordination previously impossible using paper reports. This results in timely interventions that reduce future complications.

Report, Track and Resolve Safety and Operational Matters with WorkplaceAware Report Management

Written by: mHealth Times

Smartphones and tablets have become like a third appendage in today's technology world, especially among the mobile workforce. Antiquated "paper and pencil" reporting methods require forms to prepare and submit. This is often inconvenient and bothersome during a busy workday, and as a result, many times things go unreported.

Updated App Streamlines Field-to-Office Communication

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Antiquated “paper and pencil” reporting methods require forms to prepare and submit. This can be inconvenient and bothersome during a busy workday, resulting in various items often going unreported by your crews in the field. Additionally, impromptu requests for information submitted via one-off emails, voicemails or text messages could easily be overlooked, forgotten or lost. To further complicate matters, compiling safety and operational reports takes a lot of effort for decision makers to collate and organize.

Going Mobile

Written by: Professional Builder

Managing the expectations of your customers—who always want a home built faster than it can be executed—is a challenge. Add balancing those demands with the safety of the project and your crew, and challenge is even bigger. Homebuilders are often pulled in many directions at the same time in an attempt to keep up with needs of multiple job sites. If a crew at one house needs supplies that you can't deliver for an hour because you're as another site two towns over, workers may improvise and end up creating a dangerous situation that violates safety codes. Doing everything at once can also result in calls or emails being forgotten, delaying jobs and generating more potential for risk.