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WorkplaceAware Safety Reporting App Can Keep Near Misses From Turning Into Serious Accidents

Written by: Tom Jackson, Equipment World

For every reported fatal workplace accident there are 29 minor injuries and 300 near misses that go unreported. And anybody who knows construction knows why. Guys are afraid to interrupt the flow of work, or they fear retribution or paperwork, or to quote the Arnold, “I ain’t got time to bleed.”

The WorkplaceAware system enables employees to report incidents from the field via text message, without having to fill come back to the office to fill out paperwork or hold up the work day. And if employees choose, reports can be submitted anonymously.

The system consists of a free app that can be downloaded onto any smartphone and the MessageQube: a small, cellular desktop printer that receives text and photo messages. With the app, employees can photograph near misses and message a description of the problem to their company or supervisor’s MessageQube. Reports are also posted to the employer’s online Enterprise Dashboard where management can view and manage the information. And supervisors can be alerted instantly anytime an incident or unsafe condition is reported.

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