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The ROI of Safety

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Issue No. 12 - December 2016
The ROI of Safety
Safety is an investment in your entire workforce. The potential savings could be significant! 

The National Safety Council (NSC) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have done several studies detailing the direct cost of an injury (which includes workers' compensation, medical expenses, civil liability or litigation costs, and property losses.) NSC estimates that the average cost of a fatal injury is $1.42 million. 
CDC's estimate is $991,027 thousand per injury. That's a tremendous potential exposure for any company. Plus, you have to factor in indirect costs like workplace disruptions, worker replacements, increased insurance premiums, attorney fees and employee and family pain and suffering.

We know that sometimes the decision to spend money, up front, is not an easy one. It is hard to see all of the costs associated with safety. But when looking at the facts and real-world results, money spent on improving safety is a great investment in your personnel and resources.

Not only does safety make sense economically, it makes sense to keep workers safe. Employers should carefully weight the decision and prudently invest methods and systems to keep employees safe. It just makes sense!


Quote Of The Month
"As an auditing tool, WorkplaceAware satisfies some regulatory mandates we have. The app documents the time and date an issue was reported and handled, which serves as proof for third-party audits. We're training our supervisors to use it to take pictures of what OSHA inspectors take pictures of and take another when an action item is complete. We established 30 to 40 categories in our WorkplaceAware system, and OSHA is one of them."
-Bryan Webb, EHS Manager, Paperworks Industries LLC
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Recent News
Lack of Fall Protection Adds up to $143K in Penalties for Collis Roofing
Inspectors spotted unprotected workers as they installed shingles. Collis Roofing was cited for two reported violation and a serious violation. This is their eighth violation of exposing workers to dangerous falls since 2011.
OSHA to Focus on Amputations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas Manufacturing Workers
With more than 1,400 serious injuries per year in manufacturing, amputations are a serious risk. OSHA has decided to target manufacturing workers, which account for 57 percent of amputations in a year. The goal is to enforce safety regulations and hold employers accountable for protecting workers and reducing instances of worker amputations.
21 Serious Violations at PECOFacet
OSHA investigated two serious employee injuries at a Texas global filtration manufacturer. They found that PECOFacet failed to protect workers while operating machinery. There were no safety guards or emergency stop switches. The company faces $224K in fines.
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