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Speak Up! Technology Encourage Employees to Promote Facility Safety

Written by: Jennifer Storelli, APICS Magazine

If you saw a spill on the shop floor at work, would you clean it up, report it to a manager, or walk away and let someone else worry about it? The first two options are responsible choices, depending on the situation. Ignoring a safety issue, even if it does not cause any harm, still can put you and your coworkers at risk. Employers of all sizes and around the world face challenges with tracking safety issues in their facilities and encouraging employees to speak up about them. Safety can be improved in some smaller firms by fostering an environment of open communication and teaching employees to recognize safety hazards. For larger, global companies, web-based software and mobile applications can connect all of the affected parties and streamline reporting and investigating procedures. The end goal in both scenarios is to be able to address accidents and near misses in order to create a safe working environment. 

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