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Safety Reporting App Mitigates Risk & Encourages Secure Jobsites

Written by: Elizabeth Manning, Construction Business Owner

WorkplaceAware started in the field with an employee who needed a simple, organized solution for reporting near-miss safety issues. “We have a customer—a food manufacturing plant—that needed to find a way for employees to communicate problems to upper management quickly and efficiently,” Rob Sweeney, creator of the app. “We had invented this cellular printer—and she wanted employees to be able to text in near-miss incidents which would then print in the company’s safety office.”

Sweeney wanted to improve on that idea by creating a mobile app, so employees could document the incident onsite and send a picture of the location or accident along with the report. The company went from having nine total near-misses reported over an entire year to 35 near-miss reports made in the first quarter of the next year alone.