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Issue No. 8 - August 2016
How Resolute Achieved Its Best Safety Performance Ever
Resolute is a forest product company based in the United States and Canada. They have over 40 facilities that produce a wide range of products including pulp, tissue, newsprint, specialty paper and other wood products. In 2015, Resolute achieved their best safety performance score in the company's history. Four facilities went 1 million hours without a recordable injury, and two went 1.5 million hours with a single recordable injury. This is the first time the company has achieved such high safety marks. Their incident rate dropped 20% from 2014 to 2015. Resolute administrators attribute their safety excellence to their employee's focus on creating a "total safety organization" with the long-term goal of zero accidents and injuries. Resolute's safety system is built upon 3 key aspects: one-on-one safety discussions, hazard recognition and near miss reporting. Visit Resolute's website to learn more about their safety objectives and goal.

Quote Of The Month              
"As the safety director, the most important thing is the safety of our employees. With WorkplaceAware, anyone can use the app to take a picture of a near miss or safety hazard, and then get it to the right people who can take corrective action. This ensures that the issue gets identified so we can act upon it immediately. And that helps us achieve our number one goal...that employees go home safely to their families every night."
Brian Schrader  
Safety Director  
McCownGordon Construction  

Safety Management Systems can...
Reduce injuries by 15 to 35 percent
Promote safety as a part of everyday operations
Companies that participate in safety performance programs show...
52% decrease in claims
80% decrease in cost of claims
87% decrease in time lost due to claims
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Recent News
Construction Worker
Injured at Kansas University
During a commercial construction project on Kansas University's campus, an electrical incident occurred causing harm to one of the workers. A truck being used for lifting materials to the building came too close to the powerlines and shocked the truck's operator. The worker had to be transported to the hospital for emergency care.
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OSHA Fines Plastics Company $115K over Worker Safety Issues
In New Jersey, a plastics company was fined $115,000 for exposing workers to flammable gas and other safety hazards. Officials found three repeat and eight serious violations. 

Workplace Safety Standards Rely on Quality Data
Scientists love data, we know that. NIOSH scientists are extremely excited about the expansion of workplace safety reporting requirements by OSHA. They will be looking to find new hazards hidden behind the data.
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