OSHA Penalties Going Up 78%

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Issue No. 7 - July 2016
Penalties Increase in August 2016
A 78 percent increase in OSHA penalties will take effect on August 1st, 2016. This is the first time since 1990 that OSHA has adjusted their penalties. The reason: inflation. For Serious Violations, the new maximum penalty will be $12,471 per violation. For Failure to Abate, the new maximum penalty will be $12,471 per day beyond the abatement date. For Willful or Repeated Violation, $124,709 is the new maximum penalty. What are companies going to do to ensure that they are not penalized? Find out more from your Regional or Local OSHA Office.
Health & Safety Is Your #1 Priority
Health & Safety is a major part of any successful organization. The culture can influence values, attitudes, and patterns of behavior among employees. Key aspects of an effective workplace culture including a committed and visible, and great communication between all levels. Organizations will a positive health & safety culture are:
  1. Lower Absenteeism
  2. Lower Wage bills
  3. Reduced Repairs & Re-working
  4. Happier Workforce
  5. Lower Staff Turnover
  6. Reduced Risk of Fines
  7. Reduced Insurance Claims & Premiums
  8. Improved Productivity, Quality & Profitability
  9. More Satisfied Clients

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Recent News
Two Amuputations in Two Months
OSHA found that the absence of safety gaurds led to two worker's amputations. Amputation hazards remain the most frequently violated OSHA violation. Ajinomoto Windsor Inc. has been fined for two repeated, and eight safety violations. Proposed penalties are $140,000.
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More Must Be Done To Protect Workers
Two Free Press reporters, Jennifer Dixon and Kristi Tanner, recently investigated workplace deaths in Michigan. They concluded from their research that more needs to be done to prevent workplace deaths in Michigan. Click on the link below to read their story about how Michigan OSHA is not doing enough for injured workers and families left without a "man of the house."
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