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National Safety Stand-Down and Step Up For Safety

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Issue No. 3 - March 2016
National Safety Stand-Down

In recent years, safety analysis has become filled with statistics of injuries, illness and deaths. Well, the stats don't lie. Falling is the leading cause of death in construction. There were 291 fatal falls in 2013 and 337 in 2014. Due to the continued high number of work-related falls, The U.S. Department of Labor and OSHA has set up the 3rd annual National Safety Stand-Down voluntary training event to educate employers and workers about fall hazards and fall prevention in the construction industry. You can review all of event training materials and schedule here. National Safety Stand-Down will be held during the week of May 2-6, 2016 to coincide with the North American Occupational Safety and Health Week. Help OSHA reach their goal of educating 5 million workers, gather your safety training information and other materials on their website.
Step Up For Safety

In February 2016, OSHA announced a large safety push to raise safety awareness among employers and workers in the oil and gas industry. The assistant secretary of labor for OSHA, Dr. David Michaels stated, "Hazardous working conditions are taking the lives of a growing number of workers employed in oil and gas extraction." Step-up safety events are being held around the country from mid-February until the end of March by the National STEPS Network. The training and awareness courses are designed to build an understanding about how to prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the oil and energy industry. Anyone can partake in Step Up For Safety. For more information about the safety awareness training, visit their website.

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"The WorkplaceAware Report Management System eliminates the reporting barriers companies must overcome to make workplaces safer and run smoother operationally," said WorkplaceAware CEO Rob Sweeney.


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Companies that participate in voluntary safety performance measurement programs show a 52% decrease in number of claims, an 80% decrease in average claim cost, and an 87% decrease in average time lost per claim.
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Recent Industry News
Safety Emphasis in Kansas,         Nebraska and Missouri
The high hazard manufacturing industry has lead OSHA to launch a  regional safety program focusing on  reducing workplace injuries and illnesses. The local programs will  include a three-month education  period to address the high-risk situations of the industry and prevention outreach activities to spread the information to all employers and workers. OSHA encourages all employers in KS, NE  and MO to use this program to bring  their facilities up-to-date with their compliance standards. 
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Fostering a Culture of Safety for Mine Workers
An east coast mining company, Luck Stone is leading the industry in  taking proactive safety measures.  Luck stone encourages workers to  raise safety concerns and make suggestions for improving operations management. Since August 2015, the Mine Safety and  Health Administration has stepped  up their safety programs and  protocol. Luck Stone has been one  their primary examples for how to increase safety in the metal and non-metal mining industry.
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OSHA Updated Their Whistleblower Protection Programs Manual
The newest version of the Whistleblower Protection Program  affirms the standard for an  investigation following "reasonable  cause" of an employee's safety  concerns being silenced by their employer.
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