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Jobsite Safety Investments Pay Big Dividends


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Issue No. 6 - June 2016
Jobsite Safety Investments Pay Big Dividends

How much return on investment do you get when using a safety management system? More than just money. According to Dodge Data & Analytics, contractors establish a culture of safety improve project quality, enhance staff retention and client reputation. In the current market, the ability to attract new workers and new clients is crucial for a contractor to stay competitive. Only one-third of contractors fall into the high end of the safety spectrum. They attribute their success, engaged workforce and improved on-site safety to safety management practices and systems. Dodge Data & Analytics found a 10 percent increase in a contractor's ability to find new work (up from 76 percent, found in their 2012 study). Safety management pracetices and systems also aided to reduce the number of reportable injuries.

Quote Of The Month
"There are reasons employees choose not to report a safety, near miss or operations concern. These include fear of retribution, a desire to avoid red-tape or interupting work. WorkplaceAware makes it possible for employees to report without having to fill out paper or disturb the work routine. Reports can also be sent anonymously."
- Rob Sweeney, CEO & Founder of WorkplaceAware

What is a near miss?
An unplanned even that did not result in injury, illness, or damage—but had potential to do so. 
Why is it important to report near misses?
Capture sufficient data for statistical analysis and close the gaps in safety processes.
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Recent News
Employers May See Higher OSHA Fines Sooner Than Expected
Did you know that OSHA is increasing fines by as much as 80% in August 2016? This rule will go into effect on August 1st, 2016 but could have an effect on issues cited in February 2016. OSHA can take up to six months to issue an inspection and propose penalties.
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OSHA Greatly Increases Workplace Injury Reporting
In addition to requiring organizations in high-risk industries, OSHA intends to publish electronic reports online. Does this rule infringe on organization's privacy too much?
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Hundreds of Employees, 1 Tool, 0 Accidents
Smartphones and tablets with apps are like a thrid appendage in today's world. WorkplaceAware replaces paper and pencil and then produces complete reports you can use.
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