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Companies See Sharp Rise In Safety And Operational Reporting After Arming Employees With WorkplaceAware App

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Issue No. 10 - October 2016
Companies See Sharp Rise In 
Safety And Operational Reporting After Arming Employees With WorkplaceAware App

WorkplaceAware, an app and web-based safety and operations reporting solution, has dramatically increased the number of near miss and safety issue reports submitted by employees at workplaces like Rehrig Pacific Company, a large-scale injection molding company and Paperworks Industries, a full-service packing provider. Paperworks Industries reports a 300 percent increase in hazard reporting over using paper reports. Both companies report the app proves effective at reducing accidents and creating a culture in which everyone feels responsible for maintaining a safer workplace.

"The more eyes looking at safety, the better off we are," states Jon Harley, C I & Safety Manager, Rehrig Pacific. "WorkplaceAware is a great tool for eliminating hazards in the workplace. Our employees use it 24/7 and it's helped us avoid situations in which someone could've been hurt. Since July 2015, we've resolved 1,400 safety concerns, most of they submitted by our employees through WorkplaceAware. We've never seen anything like the app. It's one of the best things to happen in manufacturing safety in 15 years."


Improving Safety in Construction

Mitigating risk in the construction industry is chief objective for many companies. However, based on an index, safety concerns in global construction are at all-time high. Timetric's Construction Risk Index in the second quarter of 2016 shows risk has increased globally. The unweighted global average score rose to 41.68, which is the highest level of risk in the quarters since the index was established. The index, which is updated quarterly, provides an analysis of current conditions and forward-looking assessment of general and specific risks. According to the organization, risk has picked up across both emerging markets and advanced economies. To read the full article, please visit CONEXPO-CON/AGG.
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Recent News
$143K in Fines Issued for Lead, Other Hazards
Inspectors found a company in Spooner, Wisconsin that did not implement engineering, work practice, or respiratory protection controls and exposed about 40 employees to lead.
Study Examines How Financing Constraints Affect Workplace Safety
With more than 3.5 million workplace injuries and illnesses occurring each year in the United States, a University of Texas - Dallas professor decided to examine how financing constraints impact workplace safety and the implications for firm value and employee welfare. Read the article to find out the results he found.

Alliance Renewed To Train Chicago Electricians In Job Safety
OSHA and the Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Trust signed a two-year renewal deal for their alliance to build awareness and provide safety training. The alliance will continue to develop effective training programs, provide safety seminars, encourage worker participation and share information about safety regulations. Their overall goal is to promote a culture of workplace safety.
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