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A Year of Injuries and Lessons and A Deadly Month in Mining

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Issue No. 4 - April 2016
A Year of Injuries and Lessons
It has been one year since OSHA made it a requirement to report any work-related injury within 24 hours. In 2015, there were a total of 10,388 reports were received. With each report, OSHA gathered specific data about the injuries taking place on the job. Their main goals of collecting these reports were to engage more employers in identifying and eliminating serious hazards and to find the proper enforcement and compliance efforts for each industry. Click here to view OSHA's complete evaluation of 2015 injury reports.
A Deadly Month In Mining
April is the deadliest month in the mining industry. Since the early 2000s, more than 50 miners have died in workplace accidents during April. Perhaps, it is because mining operations resume after the long winter or the inexperience of newly assigned or hired employees. Check out the industry's new initiative that will aim to save lives and prevent injuries here.
WorkplaceAware attended the 7th Annual Midwest Construction Safety Conference & Expo. We were happy to see Brian Schrader honored with the Mark Banden Safety Professional of the Year award.
 Also, Brian Schrader and Blaine Arbuckle received the Grand Safety Award on behalf of McCownGordon Construction. More on the success of McCownGordon's safety excellence is written in Construction Superintendent article here.
In This Issue
  • A Year of Injuries and Lessons
  • A Deadly Month in Mining
  • Recent News
  • The Midwestern Safety Conference & Expo 
Recent News
The Cell Phone In Your Pocket Shouldn't Cost a Workers' Life
Wireless carriers have expanded the avenues of communication for their users. Many have increased the number of operating cell towers for more service. In the process of expanding their network, 12 tower workers were killed and dozens more were injured in 2014.
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Lear Corp. Retaliates Against Workers For Raising Safety Concerns
The US Department of Labor has sued the Lear Corp. for breaking OSH Act by disallowing employees to report safety concerns at the Selma Foam Manufacturing Plant. The suit seeks back wages, interest, worker's compensation and punitive damages.  
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Updated App Streamlines Field-to-Office Communication
Using the proficiency of the mobile app and web-based dashboard, the WorkplaceAware Report Management System simply and powerfully generates reports on safety and operational stability in the workplace.
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