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10 Things To Get Your Safety and Health Program Started

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Issue No. 11 - November 2016
10 Things To Get Your Safety and Health Program Started
OSHA released "Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs" in October 2016. The 40-page report details the step-by-step process used to establish a safety and health program for your organization. Here are the 10 steps recommended by OSHA to get to zero accidents and deaths, and an overall safer work environment:
  1. Safety and health should be your top priority
  2. Make sure that you lead by example
  3. Implement a reporting system, like WorkplaceAware
  4. Provide continued education and training
  5. Conduct workplace inspections
  6. Gathers ideas for hazard control
  7. Establish hazard controls
  8. Address emergency scenarios
  9. Seek input on workplace changes
  10. Make improvement
Download your copy of Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs today! It will help your organization prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, improve safety compliance, reduce costs, engage your workforce, enhance social responsibilities and increase productivity.
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Recent News
OSHA awards $10.5M in workplace safety and health training grants to 77 organizations to help protect high-risk workers
OSHA was able to grant $10.5 million to educating workers are employers in high-risk industries. The grant is made possible by the Susan Harwood Training Grants Program. 
New guidelines for whistleblower settlements prevent employers from silencing workers.
The new updated Whistleblower Guidelines include a response to a March 2015 petition that urged OSHA to clarify that it will not approve settlements that discourage whistleblowing. A settlement that contains a provision that restricts the employee's right to provide information to the government will not be approved.
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