Engaging Workers in Health & Safety and Standing Down To Prevent Tragedy In The Workplace

Engaging Workers in Health & Safety and Standing Down To Prevent Tragedy In The Workplace

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Issue No. 5 – May 2016
Engaging Workers in Health and Safety Training
Promoting a culture of safety starts with training employees to be responsible for their own safety. Instead of “wearing blinders” everyone at the workplace must watch out for one another to ensure that everyone goes home safely. The best practices to engage employees, outlined by Occupational Health & Safety, are as follows: (1) Focus on what’s in it for your employees (2) Be mindful of instruction time (3) Build behavioral objectives. More details are included in the article here.
Standing Down To Prevent Tragedy In The Workplace
In 2014, there were 345 construction fall fatalities. That means 345 worker’s families – wives, husbands, children, mothers and fathers –  didn’t get to see their loved one come home from work. National Safety Stand-Down Week is making businesses and organizations take a moment to educate their workers on how to prevent fall fatalities. This year over 2.5 million workers participated in the week highlighting fall prevention safety. To read more about the success of 2016 National Safety Stand-Down Week, click here.

Did you miss anything during National Safety Stand Down Week? Reference OSHA’s website for resources and course materials here. These materials will help continue to raise awareness about falls in the workplace.


On Friday, May 13th, OSHA made its final ruling on electronic reporting based on industry and establishment size. The first due date for electronic submissions is March 2, 2017. Follow this story here.


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Recent News
OSHA Provides Safety Training To Youth Build Philly Charter School
OSHA continues its commitment to empowering young laborers to create a safer work environment. As a partnership, OSHA and the Youth Build advocated for encouraging safety procedures on the job.
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Workers Exposed To Open Trench Cave
Owen-Ames-Kimball were cited for two serious violations, and Stevens and Layton received citations for four safety violations. The General and Subcontractor were exposing workers to an unprotected trench. 
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