An app so easy to use that everyone becomes responsible for safety and efficiency.


Reduce risks across the board

  • Real-time safety observations & near misses reporting
  • Alert the right people of facilities & operations issues
  • Anonymous reporting option
  • Drastically reduce workers' compensation costs

No hassle tracking, managing & resolving issues

  • Generate meaningful reports by your filters
  • Analyze the details, data and trends for action items
  • Export report data or create PDFs for performance review and evaluation

Simple communication. Little ramp up. Huge results.

  • Branded and customized to your organization and workflow
  • Web-based reporting and dashboard
  • Geo-tag photos for precision reporting
  • Immediate alerts to one or several or all

Easy Reporting

Empower and encourage your workforce to quickly report safety, near miss and operations issues in real-time.

Instantly Aware

Administrators broadcast alerts and forward and share reports notifying employees.

All the Details

Information at your fingertips! Complete reports include the sender, date, time, description, photo, incident location and comments.

Track & Manage

Monitor and manage your reports anywhere or anytime. Immediately resolve issues. Output report in Excel or PDF.



WorkplaceAware is changing the way people
communicate and get things done in the workplace.



A manufacturer sends and receives safety reports 24 hours a day to turn near misses into opportunities to fill safety gaps, reducing injuries and cutting costs.

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Public Works

Record and report data with a photographic record and map to instantly alert a group or one person without confusion, keeping communities safer for everyone.

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Reduce accidents and injury-related costs by reporting near miss situations with photos to people who can take action and fix issues fast before they become serious problems.

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